Multi Color Yoga Chakra Duffle Yoga Mat Bag Cotton Ari Embrodery

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Fabric: 100% Cotton
Zipper: Zipper/ Runner
Compartment: One spacious compartments
Dimension: 80 cm x 18 cm
Weight : 0.66 Lb
Bottom Padding: Yes
Shoulder Pad: Padded


Carrying a yoga mat to category is sometimes, in a word, awkward. Not once you have one in every of these yoga luggage, which can facilitate the zen vibes roll from the instant you permit the house. the nice housework Institute Textiles work and eudaimonia work, that have tested yoga mats within the past, additionally teamed up to seek out the most effective luggage. we have a tendency to then surveyed our panel of testers to seek out their favorite recommendations. These picks can keep your mat secure, and your trip to category simple breezy.

One of the Yogashq Top-Loading Yoga Mat Bag includes a classic style and adjustable strap that enables you to sling your gear over one shoulder or across your body. A prime string cinches the bag closed, however be forewarned that with thick mats, the string doesn’t invariably shut all the approach, counting on however tightly you roll the mat. And mats wider than twenty seven inches can protrude from the highest.

It comes in AN array of bright colours and is emblazoned with a fairly style. embellished with Aari Embriodary, it’s sturdy and straightforward to scrub. It’s designed to carry standard-sized mats.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 80 × 18 cm