Orange Color Flower Duffle Yoga Mat Bag Cotton Ari Embrodery

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Fabric: 100% Cotton
Zipper: Zipper/ Runner
Compartment: One spacious compartments
Dimension: 80 cm x 18 cm
Weight : 0.66 Lb
Bottom Padding: Yes
Shoulder Pad: Padded


Conveying a yoga mat to class is for the most part, in a word, cumbersome. Not when you have one of these yoga packs, which will help the zen vibes move from the second you go out. The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab and Wellness Lab, which have tried yoga mats previously, likewise collaborated to locate the best packs. We at that point reviewed our board of analyzers to locate their preferred proposals. These picks will keep your mat secure, and your outing to class simple.

One of the Yogashq Top-Loading Yoga Mat Bag has an exemplary structure and customizable tie that lets you sling your apparatus more than one shoulder or over your body. A top drawstring secures the pack shut, yet be cautioned that with thick mats, the drawstring doesn’t in every case close as far as possible, contingent upon how firmly you roll the mat. Also, mats more extensive than 27 inches will project from the top.

It arrives in a variety of brilliant hues and is embellished with a pretty plan. Enlivened with Aari Embriodary, it’s solid and simple to wash. It’s intended to hold standard-sized mats.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 80 × 18 cm