Fair Trade

It is the most exciting latest term in the world of business, which concerns better prices, adequate working conditions, local sustainability, and precise term for trading.

It is the approach that enables the artisans to live their professional and personal lives efficiently and peacefully with growth in their income where they have control over their future also. It is the best way to overcome the poverty of artisans and provide them with a sustainable life. At Yogashq, we are committed to providing our hardworking artisans with the best working & professional environment, fair wages, technical assistance, educational and financial assistance. It has the positive impact on our proud artisans and their family also.

Although it is the latest trend to make a better world for all the hard workers, it is a long-awaited mechanism to affect social change.

As Yogashq management, we ensure:

  • Pay fair wages to the artisans associated with us by any means.
  • Provide safe, healthy and hygienic workplace
  • Believe in providing 50% payment against the place orders
  • Believe in building long term healthy relationships with our artisans.
  • Provide training and education in the latest tools.
  • Follow the procedures for environmental sustainability.
  • Opportunities for all. 
  • Respect cultural and traditional identities.
  • We are concerned about the health of artisans and workers.
  • Other information related to the term fairtrade you can found at http://www.fairtradefederation.org/

    Commitment For Fair Trade

As we are the member of FTF that is Fair Trade Federation, we are committed to creating positive changes at our level best, and we also practice the mechanism of fair trade. We provide an all directional growth environment to our artisans so that they can grow and get enriched in their professional and personal life.

There is not any discrimination regarding gender and culture at our workplace to ensure the positive working environment. All the talented workers at our organization get fair wages, a positive environment, child care, and healthcare facilities.


It is also the most important for us. At our workplace, we use recycled materials or the materials which can be recycled either; they may be packing boxes or the packing envelopes. At Yogashq, many of the materials are built up from the recycled items but with the fresh look. We also measure all the recycled things in terms of health and hygiene. Although we use some latest machinery to make the items, our primary conceptual approach is a hand-made technique. As our industrial social responsibility, we believe in generating less carbon footprint. 


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