Yoga Mats

Yoga Mats- An Essential Yoga Gear  

If you are practising yoga on a regular basis, it means you will require various yoga supplies that are crucial for a proper yoga session. One of the most important Yoga props required for yoga is the Yoga Mat. 

It can be said that a yoga mat is one of the most basic and important yoga gear. Yoga mats make sure that a person is able to maintain his/her grip while performing the complex asanas of yoga. This is one of the most basic functions of a Yoga Mat. Apart from this, Yoga mat serves a variety of other purposes also. 

Why are yoga mats necessary?

The reasons that make yoga mats a must-have yoga gear are mentioned below. 

  • Better Grip 

The reason that the yoga mats were made is to prevent slipperiness while performing yoga. Angela Farmer, a yoga instructor couldn’t sweat from her hands and feet due to a surgery. As it becomes super dry in winter, her hands and feet slipped and she found the solution in a thin piece of underlay which later came to be known as Yoga Mats. 

  • Prevents the occurrence of injuries

Practising yoga involves doing a lot of complex asanas and postures. There might be a possibility that a person who is new to yoga is unable to hold a position and falls as a result, then the yoga mat protects them from hitting the floor and prevents the occurrence of injuries. 

  • Helps in improving balance

Yoga helps in providing better grips which in turn helps in improving as well as maintaining balance while performing yoga. The various asanas of yoga require you to maintain balance and yoga mats aid you in maintaining balance by providing better grip and support. 

The above-mentioned pointers are a few of the reasons as to why it is necessary to have yoga mats while performing yoga. 

Types of Yoga Mats 

Yoga mats are the perfect companion to a person who practises yoga. Yoga Mats are known by different names such as workout mats or exercise mats.  There are various kinds of yoga mats available in the market. Different yoga mats cater to different needs and requirements of people. Yoga mats come in all types of colour, thickness,  prints and design. The best yoga mat is the one that suits you. If you are not finding the existing yoga mats suitable for you then there is an option of custom yoga mats as well. The various kinds of yoga mats are mentioned below. When you are looking for yoga mats you must keep a few of the pointers in mind to buy the best yoga mats. You must be through with the material of the mat, the thickness of the mat, the pattern & design of the mat, price of the mat and any other specific requirement you might have. 

There are a large variety of yoga mats that are available in the market. Few of the best yoga mats are as follows:

  • Jute Yoga Mats 

Jute yoga mats are one of the top yoga mats. It takes a step towards the green direction. As the jute is a biodegradable material, the mats are environmentally friendly. This eco-friendly yoga mat comes with all the added benefits of yoga mat along with being sustainable. 

  • Sticky Yoga Mats

This is the most basic kind of yoga mats. It is one of the best yoga mats out there.  The basic function of these kinds of mats is to prevent slipperiness and to make sure that the person has a better grip while performing yoga. 

  • Cotton & Hemp Yoga Mats 

The soft texture of cotton and hemp yoga mats is the reason for the popularity of these mats. An added benefit of using cotton and hemp yoga mats is that it absorbs sweat resulting in sweat-free yoga sessions. These kinds of mats are considered as the best yoga mat for hot yoga. The natural elements rank these yoga mats as one of the good yoga mats. 

  • Natural Rubber Yoga Mats 

This is one of the first kinds of yoga mats that was introduced to the world. The natural rubber is an environmentally friendly material which makes these kinds of yoga mats very popular among environmentally conscious people. The rubber makes the mat extra durable and provides better grip as well. 

Yoga mats have become a necessity in the modern world. It can be said that for a wholesome yoga experience, yoga mats are a must. The need for yoga mats has resulted in the creation of various kinds of yoga mats that cater to ever ranging needs of people practising yoga.

Why Yogashq?

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  • Affordable

Yogashq believes in delivering the best quality at the most affordable costs. The yoga mats available at Yogashq are all fairly priced and offer maximum quality at affordable prices. 

  • Wholesale of Yoga Mats

Yogashq caters to the wholesale market also along with the retail market. If you are looking for a platform to buy yoga equipment for your gym or large yoga sessions, then this is the place.

If you are eager to start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle with yoga then what are you waiting for? Hurry and book your yoga mats for an amazing and wholesome yoga experience. 

Yoga- A step towards a healthy lifestyle 

Yoga has become an essential part of modern-day lifestyle. In this fast-paced world, people are looking towards yoga for solace and peace. Yoga brings much-needed stability in a person’s life. Yoga helps in managing stress as well as maintaining physical health. There are several benefits that a person can reap by practising yoga on a regular basis. 

Benefits of yoga

The benefits of yoga can be summed up in two subcategories namely physical benefits and mental benefits. 

Physical Benefits 

  • Increases flexibility and muscular strength
  • Helps in regulating blood pressure and heart rate
  • Improves bone health 

Mental Benefits 

  • Helps in regulating stress
  • Improves concentration  
  • Helps in dealing with Depression and Anxiety

From the above-mentioned points, it is clear that yoga is a very important aspect of a person’s life. Yoga is helpful in maintaining both physical as well as mental health of a person.