How do I pay for the purchases at Yogashq?

For the purchasing at Yogashq, there are following simple steps which you can follow:

  • Add the item/items of your to the cart by clicking on add to cart option.
  • Once all items added to the cart, you can see them by clicking on the cart option. There you can increase the quantity of products also. 
  • Then you have to click on the check-out option.
  •  A separate check-out page will appear where you can fill and verify all the details like address, contact details, rate of items and quantity. There you will find the Paypal check-out option, then click on it.
  • The Paypal check-out button will be redirected to the Paypal website.
  • On the top right corner of PayPal website, you’ll see blocks. The top block is dedicated to the people who already have a PayPal account. They can log in and pay there the use of login id and password. The bottom block is for others who no longer have a PayPal account. You can enter this block and fill out all the info to create a new PayPal account and buy these beautiful products.

How to create an account on Paypal?

To use Paypal, you have to sign up. It is the best portal to send and receive the amount in a secured encrypted environment.

What should I do if my payment fails?

In any case, if your payment fails, then we advise checking the balance, bank account details or credit card details. Then try again if the problem persists then contact your bank authority to sort out the issue. In this case, you can also contact Paypal support. 

How much time to receive the order at my address?

Generally, it will take 2-3 days to dispatch the order from our side, and other things depend upon what kind of option you have chosen for shipping.


There are two options available. 

Express Shipping- It will take 2-5 days to deliver the item/items at the address provided by you.

Standard Shipping- Your order will be delivered in 15-20 days after the payment. It may also take some more time due to extreme weather conditions. 

Which countries do you ship the orders?

We ship the order to almost all countries; however, for full details, you can contact us through the mail and phone number. 

Is it possible to change the address after the order has been placed?

The payments are accepted through Paypal, so at the time of payment, it will ask you about the shipping address, so at that time you have to fill the correct address. We will ship items to the address provided by you. However, if you want to change the address, then you have to inform us the same day. Once the order is dispatched, we will not be able to change the address. For more details, you can contact our support team.

Is shipping price included in the total cost of the order?

No, The shipping price is not included in the amount of order. You will pay the shipping cost. 

Will I have to pay customs duties or taxes?

Yes. You will pay for all these charges. These depend upon the country and region so if the duties or taxes applicable on your order then definitely you have to pay all these taxes. You have to submit the charges at the time of delivery to the person who will deliver the order item/items to you. 


Through which companies ship your orders?

We ship through trusted shipping companies. The details are as follows:

For Standard Shipping: FedEx, DHL, ARAMEX

For Economic Shipping: It takes place through the India Postal Services then they will hand over the order to the postal services of your country or region.

Note: If you are a domestic customer, then shipping will be accordingly.

What is the ensure that order reaches at the time?

We carefully dispatch all the items from our facility without any delay. As we sent the questions, then you will receive an email with the tracking id. So we requested to go through that mail carefully, and in case of doubt our helplines are open throughout the office timings, and you can also write us an email for that.

Is bulk order facility is available?

Yes, The bulk order facility is available with us. You feel free to contact us regarding enquiry of bulk order.

Can I order customization in products?

Yes, We also support product customization. So for this, you have to send the details to us then we will get back to you as early as possible.

How to track my order?

To track the order, you have to use the tracking id provided to you in the mail after dispatching of order. In that mail, you will have the details of the shipping company. If you face any difficulty, then get back to us, our team will be happy to assist you.

What are the chances of delay in orders?

We dispatch the order on time; however, the rest of the things depends upon the option of shipping you have chosen,i.e., Express, Standard and weather conditions.