Mandala Tapestry

Mandala comes from the Sanskrit language which means circle. The symbol Mandala represents the universe, the interconnection between various things. Mandala helps us in understanding infinity existing beyond the world. The existence of mandala can be seen in various objects of the universe such as the sun, the moon as well the earth. Mandala is one of the most important spiritual as well as ritual symbols in Buddhism and Hinduism. It is said that mandala’s have a radical balance.

Mandala helps a person to concentrate and focus while practicing meditation. Due to this reason, mandala Tapestry became a sacred part of the meditation process among monks and others, who practice meditation. Mandala Tapestry is also used as a guidance tool that helps in the creation of a sacred place for meditation. It is said that the presence of mandala Tapestry during meditation surrounds a person in spiritual essence. This, in turn, enhances a person’s concentration as well as consciousness. 

The usage of a  tapestry is not limited to your home. You can use it outside your home for other purposes also such as a beach towel or a picnic blanket or simply a blanket to sit on when outside. The other way to use your mandala tapestry is by making it your throw blanket. You can travel with it or simply use it to watch the cinema with your loved ones on the sofa. The unique design of your blanket will surely add a statement to your picnic or beach trip or your movie night.

Mandala Tapestry- The Symbol of Spirituality

The meaning and usage of the term “Mandala” has changed over the period of time. The new-age definition of the term “ Mandala” is any geometrical pattern such as a diagram or chart that refers to cosmos symbolically or metaphysically. The basic design of a modern-day mandala Tapestry contains a circle surrounded by other elements in a systematic manner within a square. 

Types of Mandala Tapestry

The wide usage of mandala tapestry has resulted in the creation of various kinds of mandala tapestry. There are two major bases on which mandala can be divided. The one basis is the colour and the other is on the basis of use. The different kinds of mandala tapestry on both the basis are shared below:

On the basis of purpose

Mandalas are divided into three categories depending on their purposes. The three kinds of mandala are as follows:

  • Outer Mandala

The outer mandala is used as a way to extend thanks. This mandala is mainly used by the Buddhists. There is no set pattern for an outer mandala. It comes in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. 

  • Teaching Mandala

As the name suggests, teaching mandala represents different aspects of lessons and religion being taught. Each and everything about a teaching mandala is very crucial. One needs to learn every line, size, shape, colour, design of a teaching mandala to understand the visual representation.

  • Healing Mandala

Healing Mandala is one of the most popular kinds of Mandala. A healing mandala is used to encourage meditation. The designs and patterns of a healing mandala exudes positivity and healing energy which helps in the creation of a serene atmosphere for meditation. 

On the basis of colour 

Mandala tapestries are available in a variety of colours. The colour of mandala tapestry has a deeper meaning than just being available in various colours. The colours of a mandala tapestry are very symbolic. The various colours with their meaning used for a mandala tapestry are as follows:

  • Blue

The blue colour mandala tapestry is used for inner peace, emotional healing and freedom, and meditation.

  • Green

The green colour mandala tapestry is used for psychic ability, physical healing, love of nature. 

  • Black

The black colour mandala tapestry is used for individuality, deep thinking and mystery.

  • Red

The red colour mandala tapestry is used for strength, high levels of energy, and passion.

  • Orange

The orange colour mandala tapestry is used for creativity, self-awareness,  transformation, and intuition. 

  • Purple

The purple colour mandala tapestry is used for channelising all things spiritual to promote spiritual focus. 

  • Yellow

The yellow colour mandala tapestry is used for wisdom, learning, happiness, and laughter. 

  • Pink

The pink colour mandala tapestry is used for love, romance, intuition, inner voice and feminine. These are the various types of mandala tapestry. The right kind and colour of a mandala tapestry is very crucial while choosing a mandala tapestry. 

How to use a Mandala Tapestry?

The days of using a Mandala Tapestry solely as a tool for concentration during meditation have been left behind. In today’s world, a mandala tapestry is not just used for meditation but for a variety of other purposes as well. The immense usage of a mandala tapestry has led people to believe that it is a part of the hippie culture. The usage of mandala tapestry in your homes or other spaces creates a calm and serene vibe all over the place. The various ways in which a person can make use of a mandala tapestry are as follows:

  • As bedding requirement

Mandala Tapestry can be used for all kinds of bedding requirements. The most common use of mandala tapestry is to use it as a bed cover or a duvet cover. Mandala Tapestry can also be used as a bedding set, duvet cover set, comforter cover set, and quilt cover set. Adding mandala tapestry to your bed gives a unique edge to your room and also helps in changing the vibe of your room in a positive manner. 

  • As curtains and other hangings

One of the most common uses of a Mandala tapestry is a wall hanging. Just by hanging a mandala tapestry to your bedroom or living room can make the surroundings more serene. The other way to hang a mandala tapestry in your house is by using it as a curtain. It solves dual purposes of being a light diffuser as well as adding a vibe of spirituality to your house.   

  • As a Tablecloth 

The right kind of tablecloth plays a vital role in establishing the vibe of the place. Tablecloth is also influential on your mood as well the interior design of the place. The texture and colour of the cloth on your meal table also affects your dining experience. The usage of a mandala tapestry as a tablecloth in the various corners of the house adds to the style statement of the house. You can personalize your dining table with a mandala tapestry to add uniqueness in your dining experience. 

  • As a throw blanket or a beach towel 




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