Blue Mandala Screen Print Cotton 9 mm Yoga Mat

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Practice Indoors or Outdoors
Size: 26″ x 74″ (67 cm x 195 cm)
Thickness: 3/8″ (9 mm)
Weight: Approx 4 lb (1.8 kg)
Machine Washable: Cold Water / Line Dry


Yoga is a physical, passionate, mental, and spiritual discipline that is genuinely a lifestyle. We comprehend that each impact of yoga practice are one of a kind to each person, and along these lines, the Yoga Mat needs to commend the equivalent. This mat is produced using exceptionally handpicked premium natural cotton fibers and handwoven with the most utmost consideration by master weavers in India. The mat has an exceptional ANTI SLIP treatment at the base, which has a strong grasp for the smoothest surface. The mats are washable, skin-accommodating, and condition agreeable with a dazzling plan established in a yogic way of thinking. Made in a sturdy material that you can hold tight the divider, put on the floor, and even stroll on and wash, welcomes inventiveness and development in workshop meetings and lucidity for clarifications and instructing. I appreciate this marvelous bit of artistry. Give a vibrant makeover to your yoga room. Try not to miss this one of a kind craftsmanship piece. This Mandala embroidery can be utilized for a multipurpose bit of quality. It can be utilized as a tapestry comforter, seashore cover, outing cover, drapery, a table spread, and obviously as a reflection and yoga mat—an incredible present for celebration season. The Mandala Mat is regularly utilized along with the Ecovillage Design Cards, which can be set on it as per the measurement. Together, the cards and the mat give a total bundle of ground-breaking ecovillage instructing helps. With the Mandala Mat as your background, you can investigate the ecovillage plan, exchange profoundly about maintainability, and use development, innovativeness and play as apparatuses in your educating. The mat accompanies a guidance sheet giving models and thoughts of how it tends to be utilized.

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Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 61 × 195 cm


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