Turquoise Mandala Long Tote Yoga Mat Bag Cotton Screen Printed

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Fabric: 100% Cotton
Compartment: One spacious compartments
Dimension: 93 cm x 25 cm
Weight : 0.22 Lb
Bottom Padding: Yes
Shoulder Pad: Padded


Yoga mat packs let you effectively convey your mat to a yoga meeting and back home. Mat packs come in various sizes, also, permitting you to store other studio fundamentals, similar to a difference in garments, your wallet and keys, and a towel or square. Some mat sacks come in duffel sizes to convey all that you can require, while mat slings are sufficiently huge to slip your mat into. Yoga mat transporters come in all shapes and hues. Get a fundamental, strong mat pack or one with fun prints and splendid hues. You can likewise browse a scope of materials, for example, brisk drying nylon or a very delicate cotton.

You Can Carry Yoga Mat Bag Go Everywhere, Take Yoga Mats And Bottle Everything in Yoga Mat lash! Fits Most Yoga Mat Sizes. Yoga Block. Yoga Gifts For Women.Crossbody sack! The item doesn’t blur or smell.

These yoga mat bearers are lightweight and incredible for voyaging. For moving your mat subsequent to doing hot yoga, sacks with a breathable work configuration are perfect.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 93 × 25 cm