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Meditation pillows are the perfect companion to people who practice meditation on a regular basis. Meditation pillow provides the much-needed support to the body and also helps in maintaining the body posture while meditating. Meditation cushions help in relieving pressure from knees, back, and ankles. The soft texture of the cushion makes sure that the person experiences maximum comfort while meditation. The prime reason for the existence of meditation cushions is to support and maintain body posture during meditation. Meditation pillows have existed since ancient times. Earlier, straw mats were used as meditation pillows. And now meditation pillow has grown and evolved into various kinds. Meditation cushions can be found in all kinds of shapes and sizes. There are various kinds of materials that are used to make meditation pillows. In fact, the material of the pillow is one of the most crucial aspects of a meditation cushion. The various kinds of cushions serve different purposes. Some cushions are used for support to back and knees, while some are used to maintain the body posture. A meditation pillow plays a vital role in a meditation session. 

Kinds of Meditation pillow

Meditation pillows have existed for a long time. Over the period of years, it has evolved from simple straw mats to pillows who come in a variety of materials. There is a long history of hoe mediation pillow that we know about today came into existence. Medication pillows come in almost all possible shapes, sizes, designs, and patterns. There is a medication pillow dedicated to a variety of needs of people. Customization of medication pillows to suit a person’s taste and needs is also a popular trend in the market. Few of the kinds of medication pillow that are available in the market are as follows:

  • Zafu Meditation Cushion

Zafu pillows are one of the traditional pillows that are still used for meditation by a vast majority of people. This cushion is originally from the country of China. It is round in shape and is around five to six inches in height. It is one of the most popular kind of meditation pillow. One must male sure that they sit on the front half of the cushion for maximum comfort and support to your spine.

  • Zen Meditation Cushion

Zen pillow is the brother of Zafu pillow as both are quite very similar. The major difference is that Zen pillow is in rectangular shape while Zafu is in round shape. This cushion is perfect for people who cannot sit on the floor for a long time. The rectangle shape of the Zan cushion provides more stability and feels higher than Zafu pillows. 

  • V-Shaped Meditation Pillow 

The V-shaped cushion is perfect for people who have low back issues or knee issues. The shape the cushion provides support to your legs along with knees and also to your pelvis. A V-shaped meditation pillow is usually used by people who are comfortable with the floor but are looking for extra support for thier legs and back portion. 

  • Zabuton Meditation Pillow

Zabuton Meditation pillow is usually paired with other meditation pillows for maximum comfort. Zabuton is a big cotton cushion that is placed under meditation pillows so that legs fall on the soft pillow. Zabuton pillow can be used as a single pillow as well. The wide surface of the pillow provides the support you need for your back and knees. 

These are the major kinds of meditation pillows that are widely used by people. The different kinds of pillows serve various purposes. One must choose a pillow that suits their body and supports their meditation posture. 

 How to choose a meditation pillow?

The meditation pillow plays a pivotal role while practising meditation. It is very crucial for a person to choose the perfect medication pillow. A mismatch medication pillow can result in severe issues to your physical health as a meditation pillow supports your body while you meditate. It is vital to choose a meditation pillow that supports your body, is stylish, and also allows you to concentrate. There are a few pointers that one should keep in mind when choosing the ideal meditation pillow, which are as follows:

  • Comfort level 

The prime most thing that you should consider while choosing a meditation pillow is your comfort level. An ideal meditation pillow is the one that provides firm support and maximizes comfort level, as the person meditates. As mediation requires sitting in an upright position with back straight, it is important that the meditation cushion provides comfort and ease to the person. An added benefit of a comfortable meditation pillow is that it allows a person to meditate for long periods of time in the same posture. 

  • The material of the pillow 

Material is the most important thing when it comes to choosing a meditation pillow. The various kinds of material are used for a variety of reasons. Kapok fibre, Wool, Cotton, Polyester, Buckwheat hulls are some of the materials that are used in making meditation pillows. Some materials hold your body firmly like Kapok fibre, while some are durable and lightweight like wool. Choose the material that suits your body posture and the one you are most comfortable with sitting. 

  • Meditation posture

Meditation posture plays a crucial role in selecting a meditation pillow. Few of the common meditation postures are kneeling, full lotus, half-lotus, lying and any more. It is important to maintain the posture while you meditate. Hence, choosing a meditation pillow that suits your posture is very important. 

These are a few of the things that one should keep in mind while selecting the ideal meditation cushion. A meditation pillow that is not suitable for your body posture can result in some serious health issues. Hence, it is pivotal that one selects a meditation pillow by keeping each and every factor in mind. 

A meditation pillow can make or break your meditation session. The right kind of cushion can make your meditation session relaxing and comfortable. It is very important to find the right kind of cushion. You don’t have to look very far for your perfect meditation pillow. As we at will get you one. So, what are you waiting for? Find the ideal companion for your meditation session that is the perfect meditation pillow here at

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