Purple Mandala Long Tote Yoga Mat Bag Cotton Screen Printed

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Fabric: 100% Cotton
Compartment: One spacious compartments
Dimension: 93 cm x 25 cm
Weight : 0.22 Lb
Bottom Padding: Yes
Shoulder Pad: Padded


Yoga mat bag allow you to simply carry your mat to a yoga session and back home. Mat baggage are available in totally different sizes, as well, permitting you to store different studio necessities, sort of a amendment of garments, your notecase and keys, and a towel or block. Some mat baggage are available in duffel sizes to hold everything you’ll be able to probably would like, whereas mat slings square measure simply sufficiently big to slide your mat into. Yoga mat carriers are available in all shapes and colours. Get a basic, solid mat bag or one with fun prints and bright colours. you’ll be able to conjointly make a choice from a variety of materials, like quick-drying nylon or an excellent soft cotton.

You Can Carry Yoga Mat Bag Go everyplace, Take Yoga Mats And Bottle Everything in Yoga Mat strap! Fits Most Yoga Mat Sizes. Yoga Block. Yoga Gifts for girls.Crossbody bag! the merchandise doesn’t fade or smell.

These yoga mat carriers square measure light-weight and nice for traveling. For transporting your mat once doing hot yoga, baggage with a breathable mesh style square measure ideal.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 93 × 25 cm