Wall Tapestry


When was the First Wall Tapestry made?

Tapestry, by definition stands for, “a piece of thick textile fabric with pictures or designs formed by weaving coloured weft threads or by embroidering on canvas, used as a wall hanging or soft furnishing.” 

Wall Tapestry was conceptualized and created by Raghav Exports, in Jaipur in 1969. Since then, the whole world has given immense respect and love for these vibrant and colorful tapestries. 

Tapestries at Wholesale:

Yogashq enables you to easily purchase tapestries at wholesale prices. We are a factory outlet, providing wholesale to the public. 

Features and Characteristics:

  1. Wall Tapestries are usually screen printed. Screen printing allows easy customization with minimal cost of making a new screen. This brings out a plethora of designs. We at Yogashq, proudly hold a strong design team creating newer designs everyday. 
  2. The Wall Tapestries are washable and reusable. Unlike many beautiful art-forms from around the world, tapestries allow durability and comfort due to its high quality colors and premium cloth.
  3. Tapestries can be used everywhere. Literally. Be it walls, sofas, tables, beds, chairs, beaches, floors, dorms and so many more places where they don’t fail to shine out and bring color.
  4. The immense design range on wall tapestries is insane. Tapestry designs range from Bohemian, Trippy, Conceptual, Mandala, Space, Colorful, Marijuana, Yoga, Nature, Animals, Fantasy, Music, Geographic & many more! It has something for everyone.
  5.   There are many size options for Wall tapestries such as; Poster, Twin, Queen and King. This enables them to cater to the demand and needs of different individuals whether it be for decorative to bedding purposes.
  6.   High quality in Wall Tapestries is achieved by high quality colors used while printing and the premium quality cotton for a comfortable and long lasting use.
  7.   The tapestries are also easy to Carry and store. They weigh around 50 grams – Small Size, 400 grams – Twin Size, and 700 grams – Queen size, which enable easy commuting and transportation, by stuffing it in your bag or simply carrying it in your hands. Taking a very small space once folded, enable users to store the tapestries for later use.


How do I choose the right tapestry?

Choosing a tapestry is a very personal task. Consumers like yourself, usually tend to browse around numerous products before picking themselves the perfect tapestry. However, with hundreds of designs and choices, skimming through the designs and sizes can be tedious. 

That's why we have created an easy filter option, where you can filter your choice of tapestry by “Tags”. These enable you to find out the style and pattern of tapestry of your choice and get a final list of options which you would love!

This means no more browsing around numerous websites and finding the same redundant designs and concepts everywhere. With Yogashq, browse through 100s of choice in seconds to find your perfect next tapestry.

How to hang a tapestry?

While having many uses of a Tapestry, a very famous and common one is hanging them on your bedroom wall.

There are many ways to do so, in order to bring out its beauty and elegance!

  1. Nails or Pushpins

The most common method to hang a tapestry stands to be the pins. (No unsightly thumbtacks, please!). Hanging the tapestry by nails are a great options for tapestries with larger weaves. The ones with smaller weaves can get small holes in them spoiling your tapestry. For this method, you can simply hang the tapestry, by starting with the corners and going along in a row of nails which would be spread throughout the top and bottom of the tapestry for a clean and awesome look!

  1. Velcro

If you are looking to avoid wall holes and get an absolute straight look for your tapestry, consider this method of using velcro! Its awesome if you’re living in a rental home and wish to get your security deposit back in full! Using the Velcro Tape would enable you to paste your choice of tapestry to the wall, whether it be of any space or size. 

  1. Using a Rod

For those looking for a more traditional and soothing method of handing a wall tapestry, using a rod might be the best choice! Use this method especially for large or queen tapestry which enable you to create an awesome display behind your bed or sofas! This also plays as a benefit if you’re a tapestry lover, and love switching them from time to time to create a different look for your dinner party, or smoking sesh! 

I want a tapestry! What’s the Price?

Wall Tapestries range from $10 to $30, depending upon the size and amount of colors used in the making! Feel free to use the smart filter option through our website to get the tapestry of your design and budget. 

Want to know more about Wall Tapestries?

Despite being a factory seller for numerous years now, we too learn and are fascinated everyday by tapestry lovers like you! People, have been using tapestries in inspiring and beautiful ways bringing life to the decorative cloth. 

Reach out to us to share your experience with a tapestry? We’d love you hear and share your stories 🙂